Find the correct fasteners for your project

Let Eagle Fasteners Plus help you finish your project on time by giving you the right products. Choose fasteners from top brands, including Senco, Grex, Spotnails, Fanaco, Bostitch, and more.

Complete your project with the right supplies. The types of fasteners we offer are:

• Finish nails
• Staples
• Framing nails
• Bulk and collated screws

We have the best selection of collated fasteners in the area.
Professional quality fasteners
Fasteners have a vital role to play in your remodeling project. Whether you’re repairing your roof or installing new siding, you’ll need quality fasteners to get the job done correctly.

Eagle Fasteners Plus is a quickly expanding provider of specialized state-of-the-art professional fastening systems, pneumatic-powered hand tools.